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August 7, 2013
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*hi guys this is paige the narrator here, and this is based on Disney's Around the world in 80 days (great movie btw) so yeah this will be in chapters I do not own Hetalia or the movie or Disney or any characters mentioned. I just thought of this and thought, how could this not be a reference to Hetalia? just want to say that human names are used and so are Oc's*

    It was early morning in London 1899 (yep that's right were going back in time ;A; ) as the sirens from the bank of England went off. Kiku looked around trying to find the cops. Sadly he wasn't disappointed, cops came flooding in and Kiku had one choice, run. He ran miles away from the bank trying to ditch the coppers. Luckily for him a tailor cart was rolling by, so being the awesome Asian that he is, he jumped in their and changed into something suiting, he had dress shoes, shirt, and pants on along with a tie and a bowler hat (you know the one that is like a rounded top hat.). He stumbled on out of the cart and ran to the other side of the street. once he saw the cops come he yelled "thief! he went that way officers!" so the cops followed where he was pointing. Kiku knew they would come back so he climbed the nearest tree

     Meanwhile, unknown scientist Arthur Kirkland was conducting an experiment with his French valet, Stephan. "right-o then your all suited up, now lets go through this again" Arthur began. "now we will break the human speed barrier at 50 miles an hour thus proving that we can go faster without disrupting human organs, and you Stephan, are lucky enough to be a part of that experiment" he rambled. "are you sure its safe?" Stephan asked. Arthur laughed "of course not but I am excited none the less, we will put our names in history, or die trying" "wait, nobody said anything about dying, I refuse to be your valet any longer, ive been pricked and prodded and electrocuted..." "wait wait, what are you saying?" Arthur asked looking concerned "im saying I quit!" Stephan said and took off the ridiculous looking contraption on him and huffed off. Arthur sank down to the ground and buried his head in his knees "ah bloody hell" he cursed "there's no man brave enough to be my valet"    

       It was as if Arthur had said magic words because kiku was listening in and all of a sudden *snap* his branch broke and he fell kicking and screaming then *thud* landed on ground. Arthur backed up to a stand. "excuse me sir are you alright?" he asked and helped this strange man up. "ah yes thank you, I'm your new varet" he said. Arthur looked at him "wow that was rather quick, but I only except French valets so if you would please excuse me sir.." "WAIT! I am French...oui? it runs through my broodrine" he said Arthur gave him a awkward look "What about your accent?" the strange man got flustered, what about his accent "my...umm.. my father, he is French and never speaks, my mother, she is Chinese, and she never shuts up, I inherited he accent" he fibbed, phew that was close.

    Arthur nodded and had him put on the suit. once Kiku was ready he layed onto the weirder contraption (think of a roller-coaster or even train tracks in a circle, but it has a hill) Arthur explained "the right hand makes you go, extend it to go faster. the goal is to reach 50 miles an hour" he said kiku looked nervous "how do you stop?" he asked. all Arthur had responded with was "gods speed" and with that he started the contraption up. As the thing went so did the speed. Kiku looked absolutely sick while Arthur looked excited "20 miles," he said. then kiku went faster "35 miles" you could hear the excitement in Arthur voice. by the time they reached 45 miles a pin in the track came loose. finally they reached the 50 mile an hour mark "EUREAKA!" shouted Arthur. by then the pin fell off and Kiku went flying over the wall and into the city.

    Kiku was absolutely terrified as he was passing people. he is hitting trees and even people. Arthur was trying to catch up to him asking people around as of where he went. Kiku had been all over the city and he finally caught a cart, he span around for a while. there was a man on there who looked about as terrified as Kiku was. however they both greeted each other with a "good morning" Arthur finally caught up to kiku and saw his predicament. "don't worry the pack will run out of steam in" kiku let go and ran into a flag pole and fell down. Arthur ran over to him and kiku responded "it was nice vareting for you, but now I must be off..." Arthur stopped him "WAIT! with you as my brave valet, you can test all of my experiments. I literally have thousands." Kiku went wide eyed and began to say 'NO' but he saw the cops and then suddenly shook his head yes "I can take the job" he said and Arthur was beaming. Arthur asked him for his name and all kiku responded was "passport tu"

    Once back into the comfort of the Kirkland residence Kiku unwrapped his scarf to look at his prize. a jade cat. Then he wrote a letter to his father Wang Yao.. "Dear Father, I have recovered what was stolen from our village, I will find the fastest way to our village. love Kiku"  Just as he finished up the letter the phone rang, which made kiku jump. "Passport were going to the royal academy of science, please prepare my transportation device" he looked around in confusement and asked "what does it rook rike?" Arthur told him "its the shoes with little wheels on them"

    As Arthur was getting his wheelie shoes on there was a press conference for the royal academy of science. Peter Sealand was telling about a fabulous new invention that one of his team had made. "so this invention shows you how the laws of gravity effect and how springs can make things go downwards." as he demonstrated this invention and the people were amused. "but this was poposterous and insane so we sent him to a lunatic asylum" he bragged then Alistair from Scotland yard came on the podium. "excuse me, Mr. Sealand. but may I take the stand?" he asked. Peter smirked. "why of course, surly your team has some fantastic news for the people of England to rest assure that they are safe and sound" he said. Oh boy was he wrong. Alistair gulped and said "its is with great shock and displeasement that the bank of England was robbed, but only one thing was stolen" all the people gasped and Peter grimaced. He hissed in Alistair's ear, "what was stolen?" and Alistair whispered "the jade cat"

    Peter smiled and took Alistair by the hand forcefully and dragged him into the royal academy. "MY STOLEN JADE CAT, HOW IS THIS EVEN FATHOMABLE, YOU GAVE ME EVERY ASSURANCE THAT THE BANK OF ENGLAND WAS INPENTITABLE" Alistair whimpered and backed up into a corner. "s-sir I-I said inhabitable..." "ITS THE SAME THING!!" Peter said and grabbed some quills to puncture Alistair. Just then she showed up "w-w-WY?" he stuttered "so word around here is that the thing I stole and gave to you was stolen??" she said calmly. One of the scientist saw her were confused, what was a woman doing in the royal academy (need I remind you that this is 1899, women didn't get their rights till much later) Peter looked at her "this is your concern, because if I don't get that jade cat back, you can kiss British military assistance goodbye" he said. WY looked at him and smirked. "okay deal, but when I get it back to you, keep better care of it?" she said snarkily. This pissed off peter a bunch and he tried to quill her. since WY is awesome she took her fan and caught the quill. she looked at peter and threw it at him, fortunately for him he ducked. and the quill hit his portrait head, and another dagger hit his portrait crotch. once wy was gone peter laughed "and to think she is a general, who would take orders from a woman!?" people gave him uneasy looks because they do.. the queen of England. "ok what to do for the rest of the day. oh we all have a meeting at 2:30" he said and rushed to the great hall of the royal academy of science (try saying that a bunch of times fast)

    Arthur and Kiku all head up to the royal academy. just as they were closing their doors. "sorry about our lateness" Arthur apologized and kiku kind of stood back in the croud. "Gentleman, I have just proven that man can bypass the speed barrier, thanks to my valet, now we can move on to making things faster without fear of disrupting out organs." "where's your Royal Academy authorization?" Peter asked "oh that's right, that would mean that your an actual scientist.." he laughed along with the rest of the members (except for kiku) as Arthur and Peter were bickering the members all talked about the robbery, one guy talked "yes I herd it was a Chinese fellow and he acted alone." Kiku went wide eyed and whispered something into the guy next to him's ear. "no, you  have it wrong, he was Norwegian" then kiku spread more rumors, one guy added on "in fact they were elderly norwegans"  then another guy chimed in "it was a gang of elderly Norwegians with small feet" kiku was snickering so much his vision blurred. "well its high time that bank got robbed" Arthur Kirkland exclaimed. the entire room (again except for kiku) gasped. "like this institution, the bank of England is out dated" Peter scowled. "Kirkland if there were scientist like you, there would be a past of dinosours, Neanderthals and evolution, along with a future of radio waves, cellular communication, and flying machines" the entire room laughed (even kiku, I mean come on?? a flying machine) "besides what do you know about the bank?" he said. Arthur pulled out his pocket watch "at noon a ship left Doberman palace, leading all the way to the orient express, in little over a month that man could be in china." Kiku perked up. china, his home, in a month!? could it be done? "so what your saying Kirkland is that that man could travel around the globe in a fort night" Alistair commented. "technically by my calculations it would be exactly 80 days" Arthur said proudly

    Kiku whispered into a mans ear "he says it can be done he should prove it" the man passed it down all the way to Peter.


Arthur Kirkland has been given an opportunity as Kiku falls in his backyard during an experiment, now he made a bet with Peter that he can circlenavagate the globe in 80 days. (based of Disney's around the world in 80 days. FrUk and Friendly!Iggypan)

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pt 3: to be posted

art by :iconrinko-san:

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Omg I love this plz continue XD
hehe thanks, im trying but i have writers block :D ive seen the movie at least in the triple didgets, but to get it in hetalia format.... oh lord, anyway i have a few stories i promised people, not to mention another story i have to finish up (hetalia hospital)...... grr #overwhelmed 
but im glad you like my story...
XD don't rush yourself ok just stop thinking about it but don't completely forget about it ok I'm sure an idea will spark XD either that or the hetalia format will come to yah k and no problem and im glad that your glad that I like your story XD
and im glad that your glad that im glad that you liked my story (LOL)  and thank you, if you have seen the movie, can you give me ideas?
Sorry but I haven't watched the movie :( but try and think about it k either that or take a littleBreak well for me if I take a tiny break ideas come too me but I can't give you any ideas in what you should do I'm really sorry about that but I hope your writers block goes away
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